This portrait was painted using a faded sepia photograph from the early 1900's  for reference. A gentleman contacted me and told me that a family member had found a photograph of his grandmother in their attic. She had passed away when his father was an infant and his father had never seen a photo of his mother before. The gentleman wished to have a portrait painted  in full color. His father recalled having been told his mother had auburn hair and blue eyes.  Using the old photo, and recent photos of family members as a reference for hair and eye color, and skintones. The result is this portrait of "Sarah".
  Portrait commission prices begin at $250 for a  painting measuring 2.5" x 2.5" size   (approximate).  Price increases with size, number of subjects and complexity (i.e., background detail, elaborate jewelry, extremely embellished clothing). If you would like more information or to discuss commissioning a painting, please contact me at 727-415-1421 or                             
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